How do CBD Topical Creams work in the body

How Does a CBD Topical Work?

Why Choose a Topical?

CBD topicals are applied directly onto the skin so can give an instant highly targeted application, and can be quickly and easily applied, as needed, throughout the day. Whereas, CBD oil products are ingested orally and enter the blood stream so can take a little longer before the effects are felt, CBD topicals will rarely reach the bloodstream. A CBD topical may be best for you if you are looking for a more targeted approach to a specific area as it will offer higher potency and effectiveness.

The Science Behind Skincare and CBD

CBD topicals applied directly on the skin penetrate the skins layers. There are many cannabinoid receptors in the different layers and parts of the skin, such as skin cells, hair follicles, small nerves and immune cells, the CBD, when used topically interacts with them as part of the skins endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system in the body regulates various body functions like mood, sleep, pain sensation etc. CBD works in our body by interacting with the numerous receptors that are present in different parts of the body and the skin is no exception – in fact the skin has a high concentration of endocannabinoid receptors – for example; –

Epidermis – Numerous studies have reported that the compounds found in CBD can help relieve inflammation and pain

Immune Cells – Cannabidiol (CBD) has been found to have the potential to regulate the response of immune cells to attacks. This provides real-time protection in the skin, thus minimises the threat of infections.

Sebaceous Glands – Sebaceous glands are responsible for the production of sebum, a substance that is essential in maintaining skin health. However, when produced in large quantities, it can cause acne. Studies have shown that CBD can help regulate the function of sebaceous glands so that they make the correct amount of sebum.

Sensory Nerves – Studies have reported that CBD has the potential to ease the uncomfortable feelings of itch or pain on the skin. It achieves this by activating cannabinoid receptors at the ends of the sensory nerves in the skin.

Research has also shown that CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties which makes CBD topicals an excellent option for targeting individual areas on the body. A study in 2019 by the Arthritis Foundation in the US surveyed 2600 of their patients and found that 79% said they would consider starting the use of CBD to support them, 29% said they currently used CBD, and out of those 55% used a CBD topical product applied to the joints.

CBD is increasingly being used in the skincare and cosmetic products due to it soothing properties, it is believed that CBD can effectively help in slowing down aging by keeping the skin moisturised and healthy.  Available in two strengths our CBD Pure Recovery Cream is the first UK CBD topical consumer product to be clinically proven to restore, repair and soothe the skin.

At CBD Pure Oils we make no medical claims whatsoever and our products do not intend to diagnose, cure, treat any illness.

Here are a few pointers to remember when purchasing a CBD topical cream:

Look for reputable sources. Please keep in mind some of the industry is not regulated. Do your research to find a trustworthy brand of CBD products and don’t be afraid to ask questions. At CBD Pure Oils our expert team are always on hand to answer any query you may have. We are also full members of the Cannabis Trade Association (CTA) which promotes good practice and provides you with the reassurance that all our products are industry compliant.

Read the label. Check the label displays the all the ingredients and states the correct amount of CBD. At CBD Pure Oil’s transparency is vital to us which is why all our product labels and packaging have to be pre-approved for compliancy by the CTA before they are able to be sold to the public.

Check if the CBD products are tested. Tests determine the purity of the CBD used as well as the absence of THC.  Tests also validate the exact amount of CBD in the product. Many reputable brands publish their test results online or issue Certificates of Analysis. At CBD Pure Oils all our products are 3rd party lab tested and the test results are freely available on our website.

Batch numbers: a proper, trustworthy manufacturer will have batch numbers on their products – CBD Pure Oils displays the batch numbers on the back all their CBD oils and creams.

Don’t make an easy mistake. Make sure your CBD topical cream contains CBD oil and not hemp seed oil. People can easily confuse hemp seed creams and CBD creams – whilst they are produced from the same plant, they are very different products.

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