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Our Process

CBD Pure Oils Manufacturing Process

State-of-the-art molecular technology is used to ensure our CBD oil has the highest levels of Cannabinoids and Terpenes. Through extensive research and development, our manufacturers have pioneered a new THC removal process with the technical ability to remove unwanted compounds and impurities at a molecular level. Nonetheless, our CBD oils still maintain maximum potency levels of phytocannabinoids as this revolutionary new process extracts every single plant compound from the cannabis plant. This enables us to consistently produce the purest high quality full spectrum CBD oil extract available to date.

The Testing
Our manufacturer has a dedicated testing facility in the South of England. They have researched and developed a testing method specifically for the most accurate quantitative analysis of CBD products to date. This is achieved by using state of the art chromatography equipment to separate, identify and quantify each component, or cannabinoid at low levels (parts/million).

There is no other testing facility that currently provides you with a method to test a final product and quantify the exact amount in milligrams, ensuring the products you buy contain the correct amount of CBD stated. All our products are produced to the highest standards in the UK.

Test for CBD the right way
Cannabis testing has always been developed to test for the percentage of cannabinoids in the plant material, this method has been proved to be suitable to define the percentage of the cannabinoid content.

So why does this not work for CBD products like oils, capsules and the many new products that are coming to market?

Analysis of cannabinoids by percentage does not provide you with a precise result for the mg content of a product. Many consider a 10ml bottle with 5% CBD oil to contain 500mg of CBD per ml. As its assumed that 1millilitre is equal to 1 gram or 1g/cm3.

However, as the volumetric mass density of oil is approximately 0.93g/cm3, a 10ml bottle containing 5% CBD would actually only contain 465mg of CBD.

Our testing method quantifies the exact volumetric density of a product and provides an exact level of CBD on the certificate of analysis, unlike any other testing services available.

In addition to testing CBD levels in every batch of CBD Oil, we run a full unique terpene profile and test for microbiological contamination, heavy metals and pesticides.

This testing method was designed for final products, not raw materials.By using this technique businesses and consumers are provided with the clearest provenance of a products potency and legitimacy to date.

Our manufacturer validates the tests by employing independent laboratories to test our CBD oil. The laboratories that they work with are among just a few in the world that are qualified and capable of doing the testing that is necessary to meet our quality standards and those of the Cannabis Trade Association. We do everything we can to ensure there is never any doubt about the quality and purity our customers receive when they make a purchase from CBD Pure Oils Ltd.

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